What Your Favorite Sex Position Says About You

There’s a saying that “you are what you eat”. If you’re a lazy person, then you’re a lazy lover. If you’re cheap, then you’re a cheap lover. If your favorite color is pink, then you’re a lady. If you’re fond of debates, then you can be a lawyer. If these sayings are true, then it is valid to say that what you are on bed also defines your personality.

We all have our favorite sex positions. These positions are the ones we are most comfortable of and most which give us fulfillment and orgasm. These are definitely indicators of our personality. Below are some sex positions and what they say about you:


If your favorite position is missionary, then you are a genuine, romantic, and gentle person. You are not afraid of commitment and you can love fully. You can look at your love one’s eye with depth and honesty. You’re also a calm person who wants to take things slow which sometimes can be perceived as boring.


If your favorite position is 69, then you’re a wild and carefree kind of person. You like to give pleasure to others while also hoping for pleasure in return. You like to think outside of the box and you just don’t care as long as you feel happy and free.

Doggy Style

If your favorite position is doggy, then you’re a submissive type of person. You like to allow your partner to think that he/she has a control over you. But in real life, you are enjoying the idea of being submissive because you’re getting what you want as your prize. Just like on bed, it may be hard to look at you kneeling on your hands and knees, but the truth is you’re enjoying the pleasure of being rocked from the back.

Standing Up

If your favorite position is standing up, then you’re a powerful and strong type of person. You like to finish things up in one standing and you always want to show how powerful and dominant you are. You always get what you want because you’re charismatic.

Sex in the Shower

If your favorite position is sex in the shower, then you’re a type of person who is full of lust and dirty minded. In other words, you’re a jerk. You see a person as an object not a lover. You don’t know how to fully love. You’re not loyal and you cannot be the kind of person who is submissive. You always like pleasure and you change mind very easily.


If your favorite position is scissoring, then you’re a type of person who is adventurous, innovative, and outgoing. You’re not boring and you want to take things passionately and perfectly. You always want joy and if you’re not getting what you want to still push until you get it.


If your favorite position is cowgirl, then you’re a type of person who knows what she wants. You know what to do and how you will get it in your own way. You’re not afraid of people staring at you and you can walk with your head high. You’re an achiever and a leader.